Shared Resources

PRIAK (Pre-accredited Initial Assessment Kit) was developed by the Keysborough Learning Centre with funding from the ACFE Board Capacity and Innovation Fund which found that there was a need for the introduction of a standardised initial assessment for language and literacy learners. Click here for more information and to obtain the PRIAK resource.

These Best Practice Guides and supporting resources are the outcomes of the Word for Word research project into the quality of pre-accredited language and literacy programs in the Southern Metropolitan Region. The project was funded by ACFE and conducted by Keysborough Learning Centre (KLC). Click here to assess the Best Practice Guides.

A kit of materials was developed to assist Learn Local organisations to plan and develop partnerships with other organisations. Click here to access these documents.

Sample Documents of Teacher and Learner Workbooks as well as Course Outlines are available to give an indication of course content. Click here to assess these documents.

The Australian Government, Department of Education, Skills and Employment have readily available Resources and Videos which may prove useful for Job Seekers. Click here to view some of these resources.

As a Stay Smart Online partner, the Keysborough Learning Centre encourages everyone to be careful when using the Internet. Click here to view resources for tips on how to stay safe online.