Word for Word

In 2015, the ACFE Southern Regional Council commissioned a research project, Word for Word, which was managed by the Keysborough Learning Centre. The research investigated all aspects of the provision of pre-accredited Language and Literacy (L&L) programs within the Southern Metropolitan Region, including English as an Additional Language (EAL) programs, by registered Learn Local (LL) organisations. Provision of these programs constituted 44% of the total delivery in the region in 2015.

The Word for Word project was strongly supported by LLOs with a high percentage of managers responding to a survey and a number of managers and teachers participating in in-depth interviews and also allowing researchers access to their classrooms so that learner opinion could be included.

The research outcomes are documented in the final report which provides a comprehensive picture of both language and literacy program delivery in the region and includes the ‘voices’ of managers, teachers and learners. It provides information on:

    • a current literature review

    • the range of provision

    • keys to success/best practice, and

    • final discussion of findings and recommendations

The research demonstrated Learn Local Organisations’ significant achievements in L&L provision relating to both language and literacy as social practice and the building of learners’ social capital. These, along with the provision of pathways and networking were considered to be best practice in, an essential to, quality pre-accredited language and literacy provision.

The report made fourteen (14) recommendations to further enhance and support the development, design and delivery of pre-accredited L&L programs (see Attachment A).

Keysborough Learning Centre then tendered for and was commissioned to conduct the Word for Word Implementation Project in which it worked alongside the Regional Council Working Group to identify and deliver the appropriate actions needed to implement the recommendations resulting from the 2015 research project.

2016 Implementation Project

The 2016 Word for Word Implementation Project is based directly on the findings of the 2015 research and responds to the needs articulated by managers, teachers and learners, as well as the demonstrated commitment of Learn Local practitioners to providing quality programs that increase the capacity of learners in pre-accredited language and literacy programs to engage in learning, family life, the wider community and appropriate employment.

Beginning in July 2016, Keysborough Learning Centre (KLC) has delivered a series of information sessions and workshops to:

    • explore the outcomes and implications of the 2015 research findings, through:

        • the Learn Local Advisory group (LLAG) managed by Task Force

        • a presentation to managers at KLC

    • provide professional development workshops at KLC for teachers and managers (publicised through the Community of Practice managed by Dingley Village) to support and further enhance organisational change and program delivery.

The Word for Word Implementation Project also has been able to:

    • measure the effectiveness of the professional development through post-workshop feedback from participants and follow-up reports of changes in practice at organisational and classroom level

    • survey managers and teachers to gauge support for the recommendations – particularly those relating to broader, longer-term changes. This will help inform and strengthen future actions taken by the SMR Council

    • prepare succinct good practice guides based on insights from the 2015 research and augmented by input from managers and teachers participating in workshops and information sessions.

Click here for a copy of the full Word for Word (Research) Project report .

Click here for a copy of the Word for Word presentation delivered at the ACFE Forum on 16 March 2017.

Click here for a copy of the full Word for Word Implementation Report .

Best Practice Guides (incorporating Organisational practice, Classroom practice, and Resources to support best practice) are available on the indexed Best Practice Guides page on this website (click the link to take you to that page).

For any other query, please contact Neil Cooper, General Manager of Keysborough Learning Centre and Project Manager of the Word for Word Projects on neil@klckeys.com.au