Safe Food Handling

RTO No - 3890

Safe Food Handling

SITXFSA005 - Use Hygienic practices for food safety

Many jobs in the aged care, childcare, disability or hospitality industries require you to handle food.  You may store it, prepare it, put it away or serve it. This means you are a food handler.

The government has laws that businesses and people handling food must follow, the Food Act. It sets minimum (lowest level) standards for cleanliness of food storage, preparation and service areas, and for hygienic (clean) food handling practices.

This training will help you learn how to handle food safely so that food does not get contaminated and people do not get infected including your customers, and people you work with.

This course may be your entry into working in an aged care or childcare environment, before embarking on a vocational training program. Employer tend to look favorable at job seekers who have ‘micro credentials’ such as Safe Food Handling.

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