The first 10 years of the Keysborough Learning Centre (1976 - 1986) focussed on social contact between residents of the Keysborough area.  That is reflected in the name of the first centre - "The Drop-In-Centre", which began operation in March 1976 under the direction of Sr Nance Morgan.  The emphasis in these early days was on parishioners and teachers, sharing their skills and reaching out to others.   The idea was to provide a place for social contact in a warm and friendly atmosphere.  

The Drop-In centre flourished and activities were implemented to provide adult education on a variety of subjects including Arts and Crafts and Cooking.  The Keysborough Learning Centre officially began operating in February 1977 under its current name.    Open Door, an emergency service to support those, who in times of crisis, needed help, began in November 1977.  Since December 1979, fresh bread has been distributed as well as food hampers to people in need.  

Over the next 20 years (1987 - 2007), the Keysborough Learning Centre continued to grow.  New learning programs were introduced including - Integration Programs for people with Disabilities, Migrant English Groups, Computer Courses and Vocational Courses to assist people prepare for and find employment.  New support groups have developed such as the Keysmen's Group (1994) and a Cancer Support Group (2000).  In 2004, the Men's Shed Project commenced and has had a flow-on effect with construction of disability ramps to enable wheelchair access to Keysborough Learning Centre buildings.

Over the next 15 years (2007 - 2021), the Keysborough Learning Centre has greatly expanded its facilities and resources, and has focused its education programs on vocational courses and pathways to employment or further education. Partnerships with schools, other community organisations and Disability Providers have been developed with programs delivered at multiple sites. Since these early beginnings, the Keysborough Learning Centre has flourished and now provides accredited courses, workplace skills as well as a wide variety of community services, such as Open Door (Emergency Food Relief) and Men's Shed.  

The Keysborough Learning Centre continues to provide education and community services for adults in the local community, including migrants, refugees and asylum seekers,  and people from various cultural backgrounds, in particular to those who are  financially disadvantaged and people with disabilities.