The Keysborough Learning Centre (ABN 31 466 469 449) is a separate legal but unincorporated entity, with its own Constitution, an independent Committee of Management, and separate Financial Reporting systems (including annual external independent audit). The Keysborough Learning Centre is auspiced by the Resurrection Catholic Church Keysborough, a parish of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne (ABN 29 576 011 616). The Keysborough Learning Centre is an RTO, a registered charity with the ACNC and has a DGR fund registered with the ATO.

Keysborough Learning Centre’s primary purpose is to act as a community dedicated to service and care, providing a friendly place of learning and enrichment and seeking at all times to remain within the financial reach of low-income people and families - without discrimination, be a place of welcome. KLC's Constitution states that KLC aims to "provide relief to people with low levels of literacy and numeracy; mental health issues or disability; a history of emotional and/or physical abuse; low English language proficiency; poor socio-economic conditions; and who are, as a result educationally disadvantaged, poor, chronically unemployed or under-employed" and to "provide various types of health, counselling and support programs to disadvantaged members of the community".

Our Vision

A welcoming, nurturing community where people are encouraged to grow to their full potential.

Our Mission

The Keysborough Learning Centre will

Encourage self development by:

    • providing opportunities for lifelong learning,

    • promoting skill sharing by participants, and

    • encouraging social interaction.

Address the life needs of our members by:

    • providing access to professional services, and

    • helping with practical needs.

Work co-operatively with our sponsors by:

    • promoting relationships and networks through continuous dialogue and open communication,

    • demonstrating a professional accountability delivered in a transparent and timely manner,

    • continually improving the range, delivery and quality of services, and

    • making known our strengths and our needs.

Provide a positive working environment for our service providers by:

    • valuing the contributions of all our staff and volunteers,

    • supporting their work through the application of good practices,

    • providing personal development opportunities, and

    • providing appropriate resources for their work.

Recognise our place in the local community by:

    • involving the wider community in identifying appropriate responses to community needs,

    • developing links with other communities and organisations, and

    • working collaboratively with existing service agencies to minimise duplication and maximise efficiencies.

Keysborough Learning Centre acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government

Training and services are delivered using Local, State and Federal Government funding