The Keysmen Shed opens under a COVID Safe Plan on Friday mornings.

The Keysmen Shed is the men’s shed for the suburb of Keysborough. It is an unincorporated entity, utilising a large shed complex owned by the Keysborough Learning Centre (KLC). The Keysmen Shed is supported by KLC as part of its community outreach, and a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is currently being formulated.

The Keysmen Shed has established a men’s shed committee which oversees the activities of the Keysmen Shed and ensures compliance with safety (COVID Safe Plan and Safety Guidelines). This committee has six volunteer members from the membership of the Keysmen Shed. This committee meets during the year with the KLC Management Team.

The Keysmen Shed has a vision complimentary to that of KLC. The KLC vision and objectives are as follows:

KLC Vision Statement: A welcoming, nurturing community where people are encouraged to grow to their full potential.

KLC Objectives: The object of the centre shall be to act at all times as a community dedicated service and care for all. Provide a friendly place of learning and enrichment; seek at all times to remain within the financial reach of low-income people and families and be without discrimination, be a place of welcome to all in the community of Keysborough.

More specifically, the Keysmen Shed provides:

· A place to escape

· A place to meet

· A place to help out

· A place where men can talk, joke, work, play and socialise

The Keysmen Shed has a fully equipped workshop and kitchen where men can spend time with each other, swap yarns, use wood and other materials to produce various products using a variety of tools.

All men are very welcome to join.

The shed is open every Friday from 9.00am until approximately 2.00pm.


During 2014/2015, the Keysmen Shed was able to undertake a substantial refurbishment project, thanks to the generous support of the Victorian Government (Department of Health & Human Services) with a grant of $21,000, and the Australian Communities Foundation (Slater & Gordon) with a grant of $3,516 for adjustable workbenches. The total project cost was just over $35,000, including labour of the Keysmen Shed and funds from KLC. The project incorporated: Workroom being cleared of redundant equipment, cupboards, benches and shelving; introduction of six new adjustable workbenches (with electrical outlets from ceiling); new shed for community bus; garage floor sealed; garage door fitted; electrical work for both workroom and new garage; asphalt for disability parking outside shed laid; signage; final clean-up. The project was managed by the Keysmen Shed Committee, with logistical and financial assistance from the Keysborough Learning Centre.

During 2019/2020, the Keysmen Shed was again extended with a total project cost of approximately $60,000, incorporating another generous grant from the Victorian Government (Department of Health & Human Services) for $24,000 and funds from KLC of $36,000. This project extended the meeting & recreation area of the shed by 8 metres, and will allow all be comfortably seated for meals and activities. This project was outsourced to building contractors, with oversight and financial assistance from the Keysborough Learning Centre.