Senior's Outreach Program

SOP is now completed. Join us for our new program. 

Re-Connect, Re-Engage Seniors

A new program to the Keysborough Learning Centre and funded by the City of Greater Dandenong. SOP invites any and all seniors to join on the fourth Monday of every month from 1pm - 3pm. Each session is a new and exciting opportunity to make friends, learn about other cultures and gain new skills.

The Community Team launched the first Seniors Outreach Program on Monday, 28th June 2021.  This included an introductory lesson on using technology:  the main topic - How to Use the new Mandatory QR Coding on your Smartphones.  The group then shared morning tea and had a friendly chat getting to know one another.

2022 SOP sessions are underway,  please contact the community team if you would like to participate!

Contact the community team at or phone (03) 9798 7005 to learn about and join the next program.