Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint Reduction


KLC is moving forward with reducing its carbon emissions.

KLC's annual financial statements for the year ended 30 June 2023 included a new report which explained the organizations annual carbon footprint.  A more detailed report can be found (here) and it shows our carbon footprint is 30.40 carbon dioxide tonnes which equates to $852.97 when a carbon tonne offset of $28.00 per tonne is used. KLC's Annual Reports are included under Reports on this website.

The carbon footprint calculation is an estimate and was prepared by our financial auditors, APL Financial Pty Ltd. APL Financial Pty Ltd have established a separate website for Social Value accounting which contains information on how to calculate an organizations social value together with carbon reporting.

The report is based on the work undertaken by Carbon Positive Australia. Carbon Positive Australia is an Australian Charities and Not for Profit registered entity. Carbon Positive Australia concentrates on the following expense categories; travel, energy, water, transport, waste, food and drink.

Calculating and reporting carbon attached to expenses is the first step in moving the organization to a carbon neutral position.

Management will now identify changes to be made to activities and projects which reduces our carbon footprint. Realistic and achievable goals will now be set so that less power is used and suppliers who provide green services will be preferred.