Customer Service

not being offered in 2023

Customer Service

This introductory course is designed to equip students with the fundamentals of good customer service and may lead to further specialised customer service courses.

Kick Start Your Career in Customer Service: Working in a Call Centre

This course is designed for entry level job seekers to provide skills and knowledge to enter the call centre industry . Many employers have identified that applicants often lack the basic employability skills, in particular communication skills that are required in this position. Utilising workplace texts, complemented by class discussion, observational work experience and course work, the course focuses on the following elements of learning:


This introductory course centres around face-to face reception work in business, medical and hospitality environments. The program is designed for job seekers wanting to improve skills relating to pathway to receptionist work including:

Please note courses are subject to numbers and may not be available in each term.

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