Podiatry for Aged Pensioners, Disabled and their Carers

Podiatry is a service to help people care for their feet.

Footcare and healthy feet are essential for overall health and wellbeing.

The podiatrist is a qualified practitioner whose role is to investigate and address pathology related to the structure and function of the feet and lower limbs.

A subsidised fee service at Keysborough Learning Centre is prioritized for those who meet the three criteria below:

    • Live in the City of Greater Dandenong

    • Are aged or have a disability or are carers over 65

    • Receive a pension or have a Health Care Card

Referral can be direct by clients to reception or via a health professional (preferably in writing with a brief medical history).

Quality foot care by a qualified Podiatrist ensures continued mobility and good health. This is a Government subsidised service.

Tuesdays - $20 per visit. By appointment only. Conditions apply. Contact the Centre on 9798 7005 for more information.

Private Consultations (not subsidised) are also available on Tuesdays by appointment.

Summary of survey results:

  • Most clients find us through the newsletter, friends and own network

  • Most clients have a good understanding about why they are attending

  • Most clients wait less than three weeks on waiting list

  • All say information brochures are easy to understand

  • Most clients wait less than 10 minutes at time of appointment

  • Most clients would not make any changes

  • Most clients know how to make a complaint if they needed to


My Aged Care can assist you with information about aged care and to help you with access to aged care services. This is because the new My Aged Care services have commenced in certain regions and will be rolling out throughout Australia. My Aged care services will now help you to access the aged care services that may meet your needs. My Aged Care will now register, screen and refer you for assessment or services. You can call them directly on 1800 200 422. My Aged Care has trained staff who can answer your queries about My Aged Care - how it works and how it will assist you to access aged care services.

Email: myagedcare@dss.gov.au