Announcement on Mary Fox's retirement from KLC:

KLC’s Education Program Manager, Mary Fox, has made the decision to retire, effective the end of 2020. Mary has been with KLC essentially from its very beginning as firstly a volunteer and then a staff member, and has much of the organisational memory of KLC’s journey from a very simple concept to the place it is today. Mary will always be a part of the KLC family, and we trust we will continue to have contact (when she is available) in the future.

As Mary has been transitioning to retirement, KLC has had the luxury of an extended hand-over, and the opportunity to implement a restructure of positions. In July 2020, Maria Szucs was promoted to RTO Manager, and Sharon Dixon-Mason was promoted to Operations Manager. Veronica Hassett, KLC’s Pastoral/Wellbeing & Community Development Manager, will also take on some of Mary’s role with volunteers and some programs.

Our sincere thanks to all these individuals for taking on these roles, particularly with all the other demands during 2020, and for Mary in her generous imparting of knowledge and experience.

We wish Mary the very best for the future.

Santa would like to thank all the volunteer helpers who do such great work for the community!

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