Our Vision

  • A welcoming, nurturing community where people are encouraged to grow to their full potential.

Our Mission

The Keysborough Learning Centre will

  • Encourage self development by:

    • providing opportunities for lifelong learning,

    • promoting skill sharing by participants, and

    • encouraging social interaction.

  • Address the life needs of our members by:

    • providing access to professional services, and

    • helping with practical needs.

  • Work co-operatively with our sponsors by:

    • promoting relationships and networks through continuous dialogue and open communication,

    • demonstrating a professional accountability delivered in a transparent and timely manner,

    • continually improving the range, delivery and quality of services, and

    • making known our strengths and our needs.

  • Provide a positive working environment for our service providers by:

    • valuing the contributions of all our staff and volunteers,

    • supporting their work through the application of good practices,

    • providing personal development opportunities, and

    • providing appropriate resources for their work.

  • Recognise our place in the local community by:

    • involving the wider community in identifying appropriate responses to community needs,

    • developing links with other communities and organisations, and

    • working collaboratively with existing service agencies to minimise duplication and maximise efficiencies.

  • Keysborough Learning Centre acknowledges the support of the Victorian Government

    • Training and services are delivered using Local, State and Federal Government funding